Step right up, one and all! Come and see the latest in technological marvels from SeedSmart!

You there, ma'am, have you ever been out gardening and struggled with the inconvenience, the frustration, the agony of dealing with a handheld seed analyzer? They're bulky to carry, too small to be practical, and just when you think they might be useful, what happens? The battery runs dry!

Or how about you, sir? How often have you juggled bags of seeds around, trying to figure out which ones were the best? Stuffing them into your analyzer one-by-one and hoping beyond all hope that you remember which seeds were which after.

And the rest of you? How many of you have filled chest after chest with bags a hundred times larger than the seeds inside? Out of your garden and straight into a huge pile from whence you shall never, I say never, be able to find them again.

Ladies and gentlemen, worry no more! The tireless humanitarians of SeedSmart's research and development department have heard your pleas and they have delivered! Come closer, my friends, and see with your own eyes what they can do.

On your left, ladies and gentlemen, I present the SeedSmart-patented Seed Analyzer. Our scientists took the very same technology that goes into those clumsy "Cropnalyzers" you all have at home and perfected it, creating a fully-functional stationary machine. Simply drop in a seed and watch it be analyzed, for half the energy of a Cropnalyzer and without needing to shuffle around batteries. And if you happen to have some equipment from our partner Redstone Industries, just feed it a signal like so and watch it automatically analyze any seed to the fullest.

Notice, please, how the seed bags produced by the analyzer are visibly tagged with their results for at-a-glance seed identification. Further, as a gesture of goodwill, my associate is handing out right now modules for your Cropnalyzers--of any brand!--that will give them this same capability at no cost to you. That's right, folks, SeedSmart has your interests at heart.

And the SeedSmart-patented Seed Analyzer isn't the best of what I have to show you today! Direct your eyes to the machine on your right, the SeedSmart-patented Seed Library. You, sir, please drop these bags into the hopper at bottom and press the import button. Yes, the up arrow right above the hopper. Thank you very much, sir. As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, the display has updated in real time to show us that there are now five seeds in the SeedSmart-patented Seed Library. Please believe me when I say that five seeds is absolutely not the limit! Thanks to the brilliant scientists in SeedSmart research and development, this miraculous machine can store as many seeds as you want to put in it. That's right, folks, the SeedSmart-patented Seed Library has unlimited capacity!

Now, ma'am, would you please press both of the "Allow unknown" buttons, the ones highlighted in green. Thank you very much, ma'am, that was perfectly done. As soon as she pressed them, the display changed to show us that there are three seeds in the SeedSmart-patented Seed Library which have been fully analyzed.

And finally, young sir, would you take a hold of the left-hand lever underneath the Growth label? A good attempt, my boy, but I meant the one on your other left. Thank you, thank you, that's the one. Now, I want you to slowly slide that lever to your original left and watch the seed count. There we go, two and one seed matching. And if you press the export button...? Excellent! Ladies and gentlemen, even a young boy can use the SeedSmart-patented Seed Library to find the best-growing seed in your collection! It's just that easy!

But wait, there's more! Let me set this back to show us all of the fully-analyzed seeds. Now, if I reconnect the Redstone Industries signal to the SeedSmart-patented Seed Analyzer, watch its display! That's right, everyone, the SeedSmart-patented Seed Analyzer will interface with a neighboring SeedSmart-patented Seed Library and automatically analyze its contents. As you can see now, the seed has re-entered the SeedSmart-patented Seed Library, meaning that we now have four fully-analyzed seeds. And if we wait just another minute, all five seeds will be analyzed and ready to use!

And that's still not all! Veteran shopers of SeedSmart will remember our close partner BuildCraft, LLC. Ladies and gentlemen, our partnership lives on! Both of the machines you see before you have full integration with the BuildCraft, LLC transport piping system. The SeedSmart-patented Seed Analyzer will act like any other standard machine, but the SeedSmart-patented Seed Library has even more advanced features! If you direct your attention to the bottom of the display, just above the hopper, you will see a set of buttons labelled B, T, N, S, E, and W. Yes, folks, those are the six major directions! Each direction has its own dedicated input, output, and filtration system, similar the main interface but optimized for automation. If you twist a button to the left, you can examine the output settings in use for that direction, and if you twist the same button to the right, you can update it to use your current filter settings!

There you have it, folks! The newest developments from SeedSmart, sure to make your life easier for only six easy payments of 29.99 Credits. At a price like that, can you afford not to buy them? I didn't think so!


Thank you for purchasing your SeedSmart-patented Seed Analyzer. SeedSmart: We have your interests at heart.

Assembly: Insert the included SeedSmart Cropnalyzer into the slot on top of the device, the circuitry into the bottom, and ensure that the wooden legs are tightly screwed to the frame.

If you purchased this SeedSmart-patented Seed Analyzer as part of a SeedSmart-patented SeedLibrary, carefully attach the quantum storage device and electronic display as shown.

* You agree to absolve SeedSmart of all responsibility for any explosions should you connect these machines to current above low voltage.
* The SeedSmart-patented Seed Analyzer has standard upgrade slots. SeedSmart does not manufacture upgrades, nor does SeedSmart control what upgrades you place in your SeedSmart-patented Seed Analyzer. These slots are provided as-is and with NO WARRANTY. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
* For your safety, the SeedSmart-patented Seed Library covers its securing bolts while its primary storage contains seeds. You will not be able to detach and transport the machine a wrench while seeds are present.
* Attempting to use a pickaxe or any other non-wrench device to detach SeedSmart machines will void your warranty.